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Tsika About us

It all started when we realized that there are many good quality African products that are made by individuals and sold in a traditional old school way. Many people who would like to buy the products either have to go buy from vendor or send someone else to buy these products for them. It seems like its difficult to connect sellers and buyers. In the world we live in, times have changed and people prefer convenience. Being online seems to be the solution to increase customer base. That is why we decided that creating an online platform where these are sold would be advantageous. We asked a few vendors if they would be interested in working with us and they were keen. This is how Tsika started.

Most of the products sold online are directly sourced from vendors. Most of them are handmade and self manufactured. As a result our customers can also request custom made products

We believe that Africa has so much to offer. We plan to show you with good quality African products which are sold on this website.