Tsika African products knowledge The A-Z of Zulu African Imbadada shoe

The A-Z of Zulu African Imbadada shoe

Historically worn by the Zulu people in Kwazulu Natal,  imbadada has become the most robust iconic shoe ever made. Traditionally popular amongst Zulu villagers, this shoe has now been popularized by Mbaqanga and Mascandi music. The popularization of this shoe has made it more than a traditional shoe but a modern must have shoe.

The mbadada shoe is characterised by a unique tyre like look with both soles and straps made from tyres. This design makes it a durable, beautiful  and sustainable alternative because using tyres to create these shoes is a form of reusing initiative and it reduces tyre waste. The best thing about Imbadada shoes is that they can be customized into different designs.  

Due to the Mbadada buzz there has been new innovative designs to modernise these shoes further.A team who recognise themselves as The Project gave birth to Air Mbadada. This team in Johannesburg created an infused design of  Nike and Mbadada. This collaborative design aims to make mbadada more trendy.

imbadada is a sustainable, durable and beautiful alternative. This shoe represents Zulu African authentism. With so much potential, it continues to evolve and become more popular. This makes them a must have essential. Do you own a mbadada zulu fire?  

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